Confetti Cardigan ~ A Review by Crafty Cruella

How has your day been? Mine has been warm and cosy all wrapped up in my new favourite cardigan! 

couldn’t make this confetti cardigan, and not tell you all about it, for me it’s not just about the garment it’s the designer too, Ashleigh from Sewrella. 

Ashleigh has played a very big part in my crochet blog story so far.  It was after reading Sewrella’s blog, & seeing her create amazing crochet patterns that made me want to do something with my skill, I wanted to start designing, sell my patterns, and more importantly share them for free on a blog.  If I’m totally honest, I have never purchased a paid pattern!!!  Which is why offering all of my patterns for free on my blog was an important factor for me! 

Now here I am today, designing my own patterns and publishing them for free, right here on my very own blog! Of course you can always purchase an ‘ad free’ version of all of my patterns HERE if you’d like to!  
Sorry I got a bit waylaid there, back to the review!  
The Confetti Cardigan  

The cardigan is made back first, from bum up to neck.  Down one side for the front, leave a few stitches, re attach yarn at the neck and come down the other side.  For the final stages, make the sleeves, seam up the sides then finally crochet the ribbed edge. 

My alterations:  

The pattern offers multiple sizing, ranging from XS – XXXL.
I measured up as a size medium, but figured I would quite like the cardigan to cover me up a little bit more, so I made a large. 
I also made it much longer in length to cover my bum!  
Arms….I made looong arms! My favourite jumpers all have really long sleeves! 
What I used:
5 x 100g balls of  stylecraft special DK peony 
6.5mm hook

( If you’d like to support my blog, both yarn and hook can be purchased from Love Crochet through the affiliate links, at no extra cost to you at all – view my disclosure policy for details)

My favourite bits: 
The way the front and back are worked in one piece,  I love that there aren’t any shoulder seams. 

The ribbing around the edge, I love working front & back post double crochets, the two stitches together create a great effect and look perfect as they sweep around the corners!

The ribbed stripe effect adds amazing texture! It’s a little airy (which I love) yet so snug and warm, & I get compliments every time I wear it!  

This colour! It’s a little out of my comfort zone, I wear a lot of navy blue, although I always seem to be drawn to this burgundy shade – Peony, so I knew straight away that this two-tone yarn from Stylecraft would be perfect!

So now that I have finished telling how much I adore this pattern, why dont you make your own? you can find the pattern HERE!

Happy Hooking!!

14 thoughts on “Confetti Cardigan ~ A Review by Crafty Cruella

    1. No, I used half double crochet (hdc) as per the pattern, I also noticed the texture was more prominent on my cardigan then sewrella’s, I even double checked a few times to make sure I’d followed the pattern correctly! Kelly x

      1. Perfect! I plan to make mine in a cream/oatmeal color, so I hope to get that same texture! 😉

        One more question… I found her sizing a bit confusing. I’m not sure what size to make! She said for bust size 39″ she made a M, and I’m a 36″. I was wondering if I should make the S? I just don’t want an oversized cardi.

        Thanks so much for the help and prompt response! 🙂

        1. Oooh that colour will be lovely! I think she meant her actual measurement is 39″ rather than bra size. I’m the same (39″) but after looking at sewrella’s finished cardi, I wanted mine to come together more at the front, so I can wrap up in it! Hence why I made a L. So if your actual measurements are 36″ then yes I would make a size S. Hope this helps! Kelly x

          1. I didn’t realize there was a difference between the two measurements! Isn’t the bust measurement the same thing as bra size? I’m sorry, but I’m still confused about how to figure out what size to make. :/

          2. Oooh mabye I’m wrong, Maybe it’s the difference between UK/US bra size?? I just assumed as we dont have 39″ it was actual size??? Have you tried to contact Ashleigh from sewrella? She is really friendly and helpful, she will answer emails or probably quicker on Instagram! I hope I’ve helped and not confused you more, if in doubt….start a few rows (back panel) hold it in place and see what you think???? Kelly xx

  1. Thanks so much, Kelly! I appreciate all of your help. I’ll take your suggestion and contact Ashleigh! 🙂 Best wishes to you in 2019!

  2. Hi again Kelly! I was going to go for slightly longer sleeves. So how/when did you add length? Just to the lower arm/upper arm or both? And how much length did you add? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Karissa, I’m pretty sure that I added my length to the sleeve at the wrist, follow the pattern up to the cuff, add rows, then make cuff! I have a total of 47 rows (not inc cuff) & my sleeve measures 19.5″ before the cuff & 20.5″ with the cuff. I wear with the sleeves folded over most of the time, they are looooong! But when I want to keep extra warm and cosy up, I roll them down. I hope this helps, Kelly x

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