Let’s Get Cosy Cowl

Christmas is now fast approaching upon us, only a few days til the big day.  I am so excited to share this quick and easy, must have scarf.  It’s a must have winter accessory, perfect to whip up over the holidays – the Let’s Get Cosy Cowl.

Our home is bursting with homemade crochet Christmas decorations, multiple Santa Claus’, reindeer and snowmen.  My much-loved nativity scene is on display complete with knitted effect figurines, which mysteriously move when I’m not looking.  When I ask Summer, she informs me that baby Jesus and the angel are in the drawer… they’ve been naughty!! Oh! And taking pride and place amongst all of these are my Mickey and Minnie decorations, from the Disney Christmas Shop. 

Moving on to the pattern…and my last blog post of 2018!  I’ve decided to share with you the pattern for my super quick and very easy, Let’s Get Cosy Cowl.  This is my go to pattern in between designing and pattern writing, hence the reason I now have some finished cowls in my Etsy Shop.  It is probably the easiest cowl and quite possible will become your most favourite cowl to make, oh! and its also the perfect project for that last minute gift.

This ribbed cowl pattern is easily adaptable for different sizes and looks particularly good in a nice chunky yarn.  The original look for this cowl is a roll neck style, but you can also wear without folding the top down, the choice is yours.

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Pattern is written in US crochet terms. (UK conversions given)

You will need:

Any chunky weight yarn, I used…
Stylecraft Swift Knit Tweed Yarn Super Chunky

Hook – 12mm 

Darning Needle



Not important for this project. 

Use a hook a couple of sizes larger than recommended, as this is fully customisable for the perfect fit.  Yarn, Hook size and finished size can all be altered.


Width 30.5cm (12″) x Height 25.5cm (10″) finished size


Ch – chain.

Sl st – slip stitch.

St – stitch.

Hdc – Half Double Crochet (UK Half Treble Crochet) – yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull
the loop back through the stitch (three loops on hook), yarn over and
pull through all three loops on hook. 

Bb – Back bump – the back bump of the chain can be found when you twist
the chain towards you, it’s the little bump on its own.
Ch1 does not count as a stitch throughout.

3rd loop – is the back bar of a Hdc as you complete the stitch, after turning and working into the previous Hdc’s the 3rd loop is now facing you, the regular ‘v’ (where you normally work a stitch) is still running along the top of your work, but will tip forward once you’ve worked into a few 3rd loops.

This scarf is made in one long piece, worked in rows then sewn together to form a cowl scarf.

The beginning chain in the height of the cowl and the length is the circumference.

Ok lets start!

Ch 21 (approx…remember this is the height = approx 25.5cm)

Row 1: Hdc in the 2nd bb of the ch, repeat across [20]

Row 2: Ch1, hdc in the 3rd loop across [20]

Row 3 – 31: repeat row 2 (29 more times, or until you reach your desired length = approx 30.5cm) [20]

Seaming: Before seaming the two ends together, make sure that your hook and tail end are on the same side. (if not, add another row)

With your hook and tail end on the right, lay your work out flat (hook closest to you)

Bring the furthest end towards you, so tail meets hook.

Insert your hook into the 3rd loop of the front piece and into both loops of the back piece, yarn over, pull through, and sl st.  Repeat across.

Sew in all ends and you’re finished!

Here are a few other ‘Let’s get cosy cowls’ that I’ve made.


Merry Christmas xxx

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