15 Beautiful Blankets | Crochet Pattern Roundup

Crochet Blankets are probably something that every crocheter will make at some time or another, am I right?  For some crocheters, it’s all they make.  There are so many beautiful patterns available that I thought I’d compile a collection of 15 blankets for you.  But as we all have such different styles, preferences and abilities I thought, why pick them based on my own personal taste? why not ask my followers what they love?

So that’s exactly what I did, I asked my Instagram followers to let me know their favourite crochet blankets.  They gave me some beautiful suggestions & I’ve used the first ten answers that I got, plus a few of my own favourites at the end.

The blankets in my roundup post range from striped to round, easy to intricate & plain to colourful, so I’m confident you’ll find a blanket that you’d love to make.

For each blanket I’ll link the pattern and the designers instagram page, be sure to check out their insta account as well as the patterns, give them some likes and maybe a follow if you don’t already.

Most of the suggestions from my followers are paid PDF patterns, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered if you prefer a freebie! you can scroll down to the bottom to find the FREE patterns.  I have marked each pattern with £££ or FREE next to the blanket name, so you can easily tell before clicking the link.


1. Honeycombe of Hearts Blanket – £££

Let’s start with this stunning pink hexy blanket by Alice from @the_burrow_uk.  This blanket is made from hexagons with cute little puffy hearts, giving the blanket some gorgeous texture, check out the other colour way for this blanket, it looks gorgeous in pastel rainbow shades too.  Alice says this blanket is perfect for stash busting, perfect if you have loads of DK yarn or mini skeins that need to be made into something special.


2. English Garden Blanket – £££

Next in the beautiful blanket roundup, is Sophie from @sophiestitches_uk. Sophie has designed a splendid striped blanket, crocheted in colours commonly seen in a sunny English garden.  This beautiful striped blanket mixes multiple stitches to give a lovely textured finish.  The pattern come with instructions for making smaller and larger sized blankets, just pick out your favourite coloured aran weight yarn and whip up this pretty blanket.


3. Cosy Autumn Rainbow Blanket – £££

Next up is this alluring autumnal blanket by Helen from @emkatcrochets.  I just love the gorgeous autumnal colour way of this blanket.  Each of the 6 sections of this blanket uses a different stitch, which is perfect if you love learning new stitches or enjoy making tactile blankets that are pleasing to the eye.  Grab some DK yarn and have fun making this stunning baby blanket.


4. Happy Rainbow Blanket – £££

Next on my list is this cute rainbow blanket by Gemma from @happygohooky.  This very popular design looks gorgeous with the ribbed edging, I love the neutral border of this blanket, I think it makes the main rainbow really pop.  The pattern calls for aran weight yarn and is perfect for wrapping up your little one, draping over your knees or why not use a colour palate to match your home and use it as a play mat for your baby.


5. Spiced Biscuit Blanket – £££

The fifth beautiful blanket is by Sylvia from @wittycraftsdesign.  I think she has created THE most beautiful granny blanket ever!  The colours are right up my street, I absolutely love these shades, but if these colours aren’t your thing, then have a look at the listing for the blanket, there are a few other examples that might spark your imagination.  The pattern calls for DK weigh yarn and gives instructions to easily adapt the pattern to the size that you’d like.


6. Sunflower Throw – £££

Next up is this striking sunflower blanket by Libby from @libbycraft.  This stunning 3D sunflower blanket is so clever, I love the depth of the flowers, don’t the look pretty? You can use any DK yarn to make your own sunflower blanket and the pattern also has links to buy the yarn pack.  Libby’s pattern is also available as a professionally printed booklet, if you’d prefer a hard copy posted to you, click here for the booklet.


7. Mystical Star Blanket – £££

Next is one of my blankets!  One of my lovey followers very kindly suggested I use my own pattern in this roundup, so here is my Mystical Star Blanket.  I love making regular rectangular shaped blankets, but sometimes it’s fun to experiment, that’s what I did with this beautiful blanket.  I wanted to add my own spin by adding texture to the original 12 point star blanket.  This blanket is made using DK weight yarn, have a look at the listing to see my other colourway, which uses pinks, teals and greys.  Head over to my instagram account @craftycruella where you’ll find my crochet patterns, tips and tutorials.


8. Icing on the Cake Blanket – £££

Eighth in the round up is this superb blanket by Caroline from @poppyseedandpom.  Caroline is no stranger to colour, which you’ll see for yourself if you check out her instagram account, and this gorgeous blanket is no exception.  I’m sure you’ll love making this blanket in your favourite DK shades, the pattern comes with sizing instructions, a colour chart and a photo tutorial.


9. Marshmallow Squish Blanket – FREE

Next up is this lovely blanket by Emma from @emmacmakes.  Emma has created a gorgeous modern pattern, that is perfect for beginners. I love how the stitches used, create a subtle squishy texture, I didn’t recognise the stitch so I’ve just downloaded the pattern myself to try it out, I can’t wait to give it a go soon, it’s a really pretty stitch.  This pattern uses DK weight yarn and is free to download on Ravelry.


10. Changing Tides Blanket – FREE

Next in the round up is this magnificent blanket by Eleanor from @coastalcrochet.  This blanket originated as a 16 part CAL on Eleanor’s website, each week covers a few rows, you’ll find written instructions and you tube videos for the trickier stitches to help you, plus gorgeous photos of other changing tides blankets that were shared on instagram whilst the CAL was running.  This blanket is also available to purchase as a PDF, you can find that here


11. Triangle Blanket – FREE

Number eleven on my list of beautiful blankets is by Sarah from @repeatcrafterme.  I absolutely love the colours of aran yarn used for this blanket, once you’ve finished the body of the blanket you are nearly done….it doesn’t have a border, just cute tassels to finish off the look.  This eye catching blanket is crochet using the tapestry technique, where you carry the unused yarn within your stitch until you need it again. This blanket includes written instructions and a you tube video to help you.


12. NYA Mosaic Blanket – FREE

Next up is this intricate blanket by Tatsiana from @lillabjorncrochet.  This stunning blanket is made using DK yarn and a technique called mosaic crochet to create this beautiful effect.  Written in both English and Dutch, the pattern includes written instructions, a chart and loads of photos.


13. Bonfire Blanket – FREE

Thirteenth in my round up, is this stunning Bonfire Blanket by Ali from @theturtletrunk.  I adore everything about this blanket, the colours, the stripes, the texture and just look at the fringe!  If you love this pattern, which I’m sure you will, Ali also has a pattern for the bonfire scarf on her website (same stitches just a smaller, quicker make).  For this pattern you’ll need aran weight yarn, included in the pattern are loads of photos, a written tutorial and a you tube video.


14. Boho Stripes Blanket – FREE

Next up is this beautiful blanket by Michelle from @thesnugglery.  I love stripes, but monochrome stripes with a pop of colour are just stunning!  This pattern comes with written instructions and a you tube tutorial to help you make this aran weight throw, it really is a gorgeous blanket that I”m sure you’ll love making.


15. Crochet Ripple Afghan – FREE

The last blanket in my round up is this adorable ripple blanket by Shehnaaz from @crochetdreamz.  This super cosy blanket is made using Bernat Baby blanket yarn, if you’ve ever used it before you’ll know just how soft and tactile it is.  I love the classic design with a modern twist.  I’m sure most of you will have crocheted a ripple blanket before, but did it have bobbles too? ( or rather faux bobble, take a peek at the pattern and see what I mean).


I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and looking at all of the beautiful crocheted blankets, I know I have loved putting them all together and will look forward to making some of them in the near future myself.

I’d also like top say a huge thank you to my instagram followers, for helping compile such a fabulous collection of blankets.


Happy Hooking!

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