Apply to be a Pattern Tester

Would you like to become a crochet pattern tester?

I am on the look out for crochet pattern testers, to help me make the best possible designs to share here on my blog.

Why do I need testers?

I am a confident pattern writer, but as I’ve designed the item, made it and written the pattern to go with it, mistakes can be easily missed when checking my own work, this is where pattern testers come in.

I want to be absolutely sure that I create a mistake free pattern before I release it.

Why would you want to be a pattern tester?

Pattern testing can help you to improve your own crochet skills, maybe you are starting to write your own patterns and would like some incite into how a pattern should be laid out.

You will receive the PDF pattern that you are testing for free.

I will share your progress and finished pictures on my Instagram page @craftycruella.

Plus as a thank you I’d love to offer you an additional free pattern of mine after the test has finished.

Tester Requirements

Any crochet skill level is fine, I always provide photo tutorials and full support if needed.

Open Instagram page, where you like to share your crochet makes.  I love to see progress pictures and finished pictures, sharing is a great way for us to gain exposure.

Clear, well lit, beautiful pictures of the test piece.  If making a garment, photos of you wearing it will be required.

Feedback – of the pattern, ie missed stitches, yarn yardage, sizing corrections. Typos, suggestions and thoughts.

You will have to purchase the yarn for the pattern.

Meeting the test deadline.

How to apply?

Simply fill in the form below to subscribe to the Pattern Tester mailing list, each time a crochet pattern needs to be tested, you will be notified about the testing process and requirements.

Kelly x