Crochet Accessories

Handcrafted Stitch Markers

Besides a crochet hook, one of the most used crochet accessory that I use are stitch markers.  I have plain plastic ones, metal ones and loads of fancy ones, ranging from sweeties, harry potter, cupcakes, flowers, hearts and stars. So I thought I would have a go at making some myself...from Fimo.  I absolutely loved… Continue reading Handcrafted Stitch Markers


10 Things Every Crochet Beginner Should Know

I've put together 10 things anybody new to crochet should know, I'm sure even the most experienced veteran crocheters will find there is something here that they can relate to.  All of them probably!   1. It addictive! You've heard this before and probably seen all of the hilarious quote signs out there, but seriously.....its true! … Continue reading 10 Things Every Crochet Beginner Should Know