It all starts here…..

Welcome to Crafty Cruella.

Firstly, let me tell you a bit about my blog name, I’m afraid I can’t take all of the credit as it was my wonderful husband that thought of Crafty Cruella.  I told him I wanted something to reflect my loves of crafting & Disney.

And so Crafty Cruella was born!

To me its perfect because I class myself as being an all round crafter.  I enjoy most crafts like sewing, drawing, painting, jewelery making & pyrography but crochet is my first love.  I was hooked from day one!!!

As for the Cruella part, this comes from my ‘little’ Disney obsession.  Its everything, from the films, Disney World, Mickey & Minnie, but Cruella has always been my favourite choice for a fancy dress party.  Plus growing up I wanted to be just like Cruella….No! not a puppy snatcher!! A fashion designer.  So in a way, I guess I can say I am achieving that by designing my own crochet garments.

So what is the purpose of starting my blog? to share my crochet patterns & any other craft projects I manage to squeeze in along the way.  I’ve learnt so much from You Tube & other blogs that I have been able to adapt, design & create some wonderful things.  It’s a great feeling to wear your own creations & even better to just about finish sewing in the ends & my little princess is eagerly waiting to try out her new scarf!

Let me show you some past projects

Here is the duvet cover that I made for my little girl, I was so excited to finally have pink in the house after three boys.  I saw this gorgeous butterfly material in my local fabric store & I knew straight away what to make.  A patchwork duvet with coordinating spot, stripe & gingham fabrics, complete with her name.  I love how it turned out.

Of course I didn’t stop there.  I’d seen some covered letters online, so thought I’d have ago, what do you think? I really enjoyed making these, although I wouldn’t rush to make another ‘S’ that was definitely the trickiest.


Dolly needed a dress! I was fed up of seeing a little naked plastic body, so mummy made dolly a lovely purple dress.

and knickers!!! she needed knickers, nobody likes a cold bum!

Anyway, until next time I’ll say goodbye for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed the 1st peek into the world of Crafty Cruella! xxx

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